Julian Mitchell Photography - About

Hello, and welcome to my Portraiture Photography site.

Although my family originally hailed from the London area, I have spent most of my life in East Anglia. I’ve always been keen on imagery from endless hours spent drawing as a teenager, but being bought my first ever SLR camera when in my twenties, opened up a whole new world for me and when digital came of age I was hooked.

I am generally self-taught, but the influence of the internet cannot be understated, with an abundance of knowledge and inspiration at your fingertips, not forgetting the wealth of marketing opportunities available to any artist. I wouldn’t say I’m a purest when it comes to photographic technique, but I do try to create images that are as natural as possible, without relying too much on oversaturation for instance.

For several years I could be found photographing weddings, an area not for the feint hearted, but for now I have refocused my attention on portraiture.

In my spare time I love getting out and about in the quest for great landscape photography, which can be seen over on my other site at www.jrmgallery.co.uk

As a member of ‘The Guild of Photographers’ I was extremely pleased that a much coveted ‘Gold Bar’ award has recently been added to my collection of awards, which has inspired me to consider organising an exhibition sometime in 2014. I am always keen to hear from anyone with a photographic requirement, be-it landscape or portraiture in nature.

Email: info@julianmitchellphotography.co.uk