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It would have been a good send off...

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

This week saw a different kind of shoot, that of creating some stock imagery for a local business... Turners Funeral Services.

The day began around 9am with a meeting with the project manager, which included a sausage sandwich and coffee for breakfast, followed by a brief discussion of the imagery required. The general theme for the day, was "something different from the usual funeral directors imagery"

The bearers were the first to arrive along with the vehicles, and se soon set to work grabbing the first images of the day.

Although the weather forecast wasnt encouraging, and for a while it did start to rain, eventually it turned out to be just perfect, with hazy sunlight, providing beautiful backlit images.

An hour or so later and the office staff arrived, all formally attired, to join the bearers in some formal shots.

Once we'd completed the formal group images, the bearers were free to go, leaving the office staff to endure some random casual portrait photography, much of which will be destined for future social media posts by the company.

The brief required that I get plenty of images of the husband and wife business team that ran the business, and for a while I thought I was taken back in my days as a wedding photographer :)

The day was finished with a well earned beer :)

If you'd like to hire me to create corporate imagery for your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch.



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