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Based in the heart of East Anglia, I provide high end photographic services, broadly centred around Portraiture.

My services include private and corporate work, catering for all your portraiture requirements, from head shots, maternity, engagement shoots, family shoots, glamour, fashion, lifestyle and much more.

Although I am not a studio based photographer, you can see from the images I create, that you can have the studio look if that is what you are after.  It's all down to lighting and composition.

I am trained in portraiture photography, and have extensive experience in the genre, including previously being a wedding photographer.  Although I dont take on weddings these days, I do photograph couples, in what is often termed an 'engagement shoot'.

I also run a separate brand, based on the Boudoir theme, which can be found here Liberty & Lace, should you be looking for this type of imagery..


Your Investment

All photoshoots are quoted for individually and are based on your  individual requirements. However, costs generally start at £350 for a basic photoshoot, providing your choice of 24 hi-res digital image files, usually from a choice of around 60+ fully edited and finished images.  Your images are made available within your own private, password protected portfolio.

Additional time and images can be purchased; along with any number of prints, please contact me to discuss.

The style, location and theme of the imagery will be agreed upon, and a date set in the diary, for which a £50 deposit will be required.

All image re-touching and finishing is included in the price you are quoted.

All image files are provided as full-resolution, un-watermarked and ready for printing at any commercial print lab. You’ll also receive your chosen photographs provided as smaller digital images, perfectly resized for social media.

Take a look at the gallery for examples of my work, and get in touch if you would like to arrange your own photoshoot.


Family Photography

Capturing all those magical moments

You can book me for a family photo shoot, which can include me turning up  for an hour or so during a party or celebration. If you have pets, I can even take a few images of them for you to cherish.  You are paying for my time and a limited number of images, so the choice of subjects are al yours.


Complementing the beauty

I am often asked, "Will you re-touch and edit my images?"

The simple answer is yes, absolutely!  However, my aim is not to transform you into someone you are not, and you are unlikely to really notice what I do to your images.  It's all about making subtle changes and enhancements and doing it sensitively.  Have you ever noticed how as humans, we only notice things that look out of place, and never that those things they are no longer visible or apparent?  

The retouching will remove anything that's not really part of you, such as spots, bruises cuts and generally anything that doesn't contribute to the beauty of who you are.  I'll even happily remove tattoos and scars if you request it.

When choosing a photographer, always base yourt decision on the quality of the finished imagery, not on their statements about equipment, location or awards. At the end of the day, you are investing in finished images.  I use a fully calibrated workflow, and use a reputable lab for all prints, so you can be sure of great quality.

Furthermore, this is all part of the package, you don't pay any extra for the retouching, and EVERY image finished for you, is carefully retouched to my high standards; providing you with beautiful images that you will treasure for years to come...

Special Projects

I can be commissioned for some specialist photo editing if needed. Please get in touch and let me know your requirements, an I shall see if I can help you create the image you are looking for. 

This image is of my granddaughter