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Frequently Asked Questions about the Boudoir Photoshoot

You are certain to have lots of questions, and here I try to answer some of the most frequent ones. However, if there is anything else you would like to know, please do not hesitate to Contact Me


A little nervous about having a boudoir photo shoot and don't know what to expect? Check out this file to learn more...

  • How can I pay for my photoshoot

We accept Credit/Debit card, (online and in person), BACS transfer, PayPal, Cash or even Crypto!.  You can pay via Card and PayPal directly on the site, BACS from your Banking app, and Card (via our card reader) or Cash in person on the day of your shoot.

  • Where will the Photo Shoot take place?  

We don't like to use a Studio as we feel it can become a bit contrived, and doesn't lend itself to the true essence of the genre.  Instead, we prefer to shoot on location, usually your own home, as this helps to  create more personal and unique images.   We do also have a purpose designed boutique style bedroom setting we can use. However, we can use just about any location we agree on.  We are based in the heart of East Anglia and a small consideration for travelling expenses may be added depending on how far we need to travel, but this will be established during your consultation.


!! NEWSFLASH !! We now also have use of a second beautifully made up boutique style bedroom! More details on the blog soon!

  • What do I need bring to the Photo Shoot?  

All you ideally need are any items of clothing/lingerie that you would like to use in your images, especially any that your partner has bought for the photoshoot.  You can also bring an item personal to your partner, such as a shirt or a tie, or perhaps something related to a hobby of theirs.  Check out the Section below for more idea...

  • Do I need do anything special with my makeup?   

The main thing to remember is to not go mad with the makeup. Remember, you want your face to match the rest of you as best as possible.  Additionally, do not try to plaster over any spots that may appear on the day; it's far easier for me to remove spots in post production, than it is to balance different shades of skin. 

  • How long does a Photo Shoot last?

A typical photo shoot lasts around 2-4 hours, but there is no hard limit or rush and I will remain until we both feel we have all the images we need.

  • Do I need to bring someone with me?

You don't have to bring someone with you, but you are more than welcome to, although its not usually ideal if they watch, but its good for you to feel comfortable in the knowledge that there is someone you know nearby.  They can always make tea :)

  • Do I have to get fully naked?  

Not at all, the choice of how far you take it is entirely yours, and there are ways we can create images that imply nakedness if that's what you want. Additionally, we can create images that subtly don't show your face if that's what you want.

  • Will my photographs be photo-shopped? 

Yes, all your finished images will be sensitively airbrushed to make you look and feel amazing.

  • When will I be able to see the finished images?  

Image processing is usually completed within a week, often much sooner.  We will contact you as soon as your images are ready.

  • How do I order Prints and other products?  

Contact us to discuss sizes and product options, and we do the rest. You can find details of the finished products here.

  • Do you shoot couples?

Yes I do, and the prices remain the same for the time and the number of prints etc, so it doesn't cost you double.  You can also have images as a couple and some as singles.  You are paying for the time and the end products.

  • Will my images remain private?  

Absolutely. Your images will only be seen by myself and possibly the print lab if you have any printed.  The images in the public gallery have been specially chosen from clients who have specifically agreed for them to be shown. 
Any finished images will remain the copyright of Liberty & Lace, but you will be granted unlimited "use" of those that you purchase*.

  • What happens if I need to cancel the Photo Shoot?   

If for any reason, you need to cancel the photo shoot, simply contact us so we can arrange another day that suits you.

*Terms & Conditions apply

So what can you bring to your photoshoot to spice it up?

Props and accessories have always played a part in boudoir imagery, so here are a few tips on what you can bring to your shoot

Fishnet or Silk Stockings

There's nothing sexier than stockings?  Used with garters or just the thigh high types are sexy as hell.  Whether wearing a corset or just some sexy undies, these accessories are erotic.  Likewise, shots with and without them give variety to your boudoir photo shoot with really only a minor change in the wardrobe and therefore, this Prop is almost a necessity!

Lace or Silk

The use of lace or silk as a Prop in boudoir photography can be very sexy and the now you see it now you don’t component of lace promotes the voyeur quality of a boudoir photo.  It's playful and provides lots of anticipation of what is beneath the lace to keep the viewer gazing at the photograph.  Also, silk is a beautiful material that drapes gently over the female form an can complement the soft curves of that sexy form.

Personal Items

There are certain items beloved by you or the recipient of your boudoir photographs.  A man loves to see you in his favourite sports gear.  If your boudoir shoot is of the bridal variety, your engagement ring, veil, wedding garter are all excellent items that can be co-stars in your boudoir photo collection.  Wearing his tie or shirt is a traditional, classic wardrobe item in a boudoir session.  It's not an uncommon fantasy of a man to visualize his lady wearing his plain white button down oxford shirt.  Wear that shirt with some sexy undies, a pair of stiletto heels, or some thigh high boots and you have one sexy outfit for your boudoir shoot.  From the photographer’s perspective, starting with items that can be removed helps to build the story in a boudoir session, providing continuity but also variety – taking items off one at a time!


Jewellery can be a treasured item like that beautiful engagement ring he gave you, a strand of pearls, or possibly an ankle bracelet that can add detail to even the most classic boudoir photos.  Long stands of pearls can be added for some of the poses, and easily removed to give images a slightly different flavour.  An additional benefit to using  long strand of pearls is that it can give the subject of the photo something to do with her hands.  Having something to touch, run your fingers through, or gently hold gives energy to some photographs that can be very appealing.


Feathers are light and airy and large ones can add an angelic feel to your boudoir photography session.  They bring a softer, sensual element to a boudoir photograph, and can also be used in a bridal boudoir photography session.  

Foot Wear

Sexy shoes are a must at your boudoir photography session.  While very high heels and calf hugging boots are super sexy, paired with the right items, your tennis shoes can be equally sexy! 


Taking some photographs at your boudoir shoot with a bottle of his favourite scotch, or a sexy bottle of champagne is a great prop.  If your boudoir photo shoot is to commemorate a celebration that will include the bubbly, then it can make your gift to him come alive.  Imagine sitting there, enjoying your glasses of champagne, and you present him with your photo album, and he will see those sexy photos!  Yes, there you are in your lingerie sipping champagne in a photo and he raises his eyes in surprise and there you are – sipping champagne!  Maybe you will have that same lingerie on beneath that sexy dress you wore out to dinner?

Fifty Shades of Grey!

You know what I mean… that stuff.  The fun prop that just pushes boudoir photography over the edge a bit.  Anything that spells bondage, domination, etc.  Whips, blindfolds, handcuffs, riding crop, chains – what have you.  This type of collection can really show you have a wild side!  Who knows?  

Complimenting the beauty

I am often asked, "Will you re-touch and edit my images?"

The simple answer is yes, absolutely!  However, my aim is not to transform you into someone you are not, and you are unlikely to really notice what I do to your images.  It's all about making subtle changes and enhancements and doing it sensitively.  Have you ever noticed how as humans, we only notice things that look out of place, and never that those things they are no longer visible or apparent?  

The retouching will remove anything that's not really part of you, such as spots, bruises cuts and generally anything that doesn't contribute to the beauty of who you are.  I'll even happily remove tattoos and scars if you request it.

If, like many women after childbirth, you are worried about stretch marks, cellulite and a little baby fat ruining your images, they are all removed, either by careful posing and lighting, or through sensitive post editing.

Furthermore, this is all part of the package, you don't pay any extra for the retouching, and EVERY image finished for you, is carefully retouched to my high standards; providing you with beautiful images that you will treasure for years to come...

"But all your clients look like models!"

They do don't they!  And you can too.  What are you waiting for? Get your date with Liberty & Lace in the diary...

A Boudoir photograph
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