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Preserving the Beauty

Once you have had your photoshoot, there are a range of options available to help you preserve the images and keep them forever.

Digital Image Files

Depending on the package agreed upon, your photoshoots may include a number of full resolution digital JPEG files for you to keep, as well as low resolution water marked files that you are free to show off on social media etc.

*Additional image files can be purchased for:

   1-10 files    £10.00 each

   11-20 files  £9.50 each

   > 20 files    £9.30 each


Your chosen package may also include a number of prints, usually 10"x8". 

If not, or you  would like to order more prints over and above any agreed upon, the list opposite gives you the prices per print size for information.

*Prices range from £7 for a 10"x8" Print right up to £39 for a whopping A1 sized print.

You can also swap the standard prints for a package with others. Please let me know what print options you would like instead or your 12, 24 or 36 10"x8" prints.

To swap chosen number of 10x8" prints, use the values with the chart opposite

    12 prints - £85

    24 prints - £170

    36 prints - £254

Note: The prices include VAT, but Postage and Packing needs to be added per order regardless of quantity. Postage costs start at £5 for First Class Post.

Prints are usually delivered within 3-4 business days of ordering.

Feel free to Contact Me to discuss your requirements 

print prices to customers.jpg

Liberty & Lace Boudoir specific products

As well as the above Digital file and print options, the following are also available for Liberty & Lace Boudoir photoshoots

Boudoir prints and box.jpg

Prints & Standard box

Unless you are buying a luxury box of prints, your 10x8 prints will come in a standard Liberty & Lace photo box

Boudoir photography memory stick

Crystal USB

For the Classic and Luxury packages, your images will be provided on a Liberty & Lace Crystal USB

Luxury Boudoir Photography prints

Luxury Prints and Box

The luxury box of prints provides 15 or your chosen imaged on matted mounts in a luxury presentation box

Luxury Boudoir Album

Luxury Album

​You can choose the size, number  of pages, the materials used and whether you would like it in a gorgeous presentation box.

Although each Liberty & Lace package has default products (highlighted in the table below), each package can be tailored to suit your needs and budget. 

The following table indicates all the price options.

LandL price options.jpg
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